The METABLOC metal detection system is a heavy duty, microprocessor based industrial device which is designed to detect and signal the presence of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys within non-conductive products for various industrial applications. The equipment will operate in the most stringent industrial environments without the need for operating adjustments, calibration or "balancing" after the initial set-up.

The fundamental reasons for metal detection are to prevent any damage to process equipment, to avoid the presence of tramp metal in consumable goods such as food and drugs, and to inspect incoming raw material before it is permitted to enter the processing cycle.

The basic METABLOC metal detection system will consist of three main components: the Control Panel, Search Coil, and Connecting Cable. The components are separate which provides the capability to mount the search coil at the inspection point with the control panel mounted in a more convenient location. In some applications, this type of system is easier to install and also allows the customer to replace only the search coil if the application should change.

The control panel, which interconnects with a variety of search coils, is an integral part of the METABLOC metal detection system. The unit contains state-of-the-art, solid state, electronic circuitry that is fully stabilized and automatically compensates for variations in voltage, temperature, humidity and reasonable metal and/ or product composition changes.

The panel is also equipped with several alarm relay outputs to accomodate various installations. These outputs are wired fail-safe and are field programmable to be either instantaneous, time delay or latching relays. The field programming includes the ability to change the time delay adjustments from 0-10 seconds to 0-30 seconds. The time delay relays have both delay on and delay off adjustment with shift register timing that stores multiple signals for accurate rejection of metal contaminants.

In event that the control panel should require troubleshooting, onboard diagnostics are provided along with a fault relay, wired fail-safe. The internal configuration of the control panel allows the components and assemblies to be field replaceable.

Technical Specifications:


Approved NEMA 4 dust and watertight wall mount enclosure with keylock handle to prevent unauthorized entry.

Dimensions: Overall: 20.00" high x 16.00" wide x 6.00" deep
Mounting: 18.50" high x 14.50" wide
Mounting hole: 0.50" diameter, 4 holes

Weight: Approximately 40 lbs.

Power: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 0.50 amps
220 VAC, 50 Hz (Model CP-220)

On-off circuit breaker
Reset switch
Service switch
Sensitivity adjustment

Time delay on adjustment
Time delay off adjustment
Time delay override adjustment
Coil loading adjustment

External alarm beacon

Override (splice detector)
Signal intensity bargraph
RF output
Individual relay status

Alarm Relays: (4) Digital output modules, 12-140 VAC, 3.5 amps, 1/4 HP, Form A output, wired fail-safe. (Form B output and other voltages also available.)
(1) 2 Form C (DPDT), 10A @ 240 VAC; 1/2 HP @ 240 VAC; 1/3 HP @ 120 VAC, wired fail-safe.

Fault Relay: (1) Reed relay output module, normally open contact, 575 VAC/VDC, 1.0 amp AC/DC, 25 VA, wired fail-safe.

Features: Motorola microprocessor based electronics
Solid state integrated electronic detection and control circuits
Full electronic voltage regulation
Full electronic voltage regulation
Terminal strips for external connections
Self-compensating "Auto-Adjust" circuitry
Provisions for remote manual reset, auto-reset, or adjustable time delayed auto-reset
Splice detector input
Inputs and outputs are protected by overload and transient devices with some circuits optically isolated

Models: CP-120

120 VAC, 60 Hz
220 VAC, 50 Hz